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Thursday, September 10, 2009


  1. Kawan kawan nak dengar cerita tak tapi cerita ni dalam bahasa inggeris la kan..Kejap..Tajuk dia Mother Holle..
  2. there was once a women who had two daugters.Rosa was pretty and worked hard.Rosie was
    ungly and lazy.
  3. One day,Rosa want to collect some fire wood.She saw a little house.An old women was standing outside."I a Mother Holle.You can live here and work for me.",She said .Rosa stayed and helped Mother Holle to do everything.
  4. After a while,she wanted to go home. Mother Holle gave her a big bag.It was full of gole coins.
  5. Rosie saw the gold coins.She too wanted to go and work for Mother Holle.
  6. "I want to work for you,"she told Mother Holle.On the frist day,she worked hard.After that she became lazy.
  7. At last Mother Holle told her to go home.She gave Rosie a heavy bag.It was full of...

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